Training and Education

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Skin Specialist Training – Upcoming Course Dates


For full Skin Specialist Training Training & Education course details and to enrol for your course at ProSkin Clinic & Health UK, please visit and book through our sister company below


The UK School of Skin Excellence 


The official UK School of Skin Excellence; producing highly qualified and exceptionally skilled Skin Specialists across the nation.

Browse our intense skin specialist courses UK which are consistently updated  and reviewed to ensure that our UKSSE Specialists obtain the very latest up to date training and education.

Our students have access to a lifetime of support after completing their certification. We provide the tools and knowledge to help assist you build an extremely successful business as a UK School of Skin Excellence Specialist

We offer one to one, group and online education, always ensuring that our class numbers are intimate, this ensures that our learners experience an exceptional level of tuition and receive the time, knowledge and understanding required to certify.

We are passionate and dedicated to providing the most intense, thorough, in depth knowledge and power to our students, to not only start their journey to an extremely successful career but to also enhance the existing knowledge of our UK’s existing skin therapists, those of which play an imperative part in their clients skin success stories.

Please contact us here for further enquiries

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