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Milia lesions are very common, they often found on the face and around the eye area, although harmless can they can often be a nuisance in their appearance.

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What is a milia?

A Milia is a benign lesion that presents itself on the top layer of the skin. With a white, small and firm papule, they are subepidermal keratin cysts.

They appear mostly in the eye area and it is a very common condition that can affect anyone.

Another name for this type of lesion is milk spots.

symptoms of milia

Milia’s are seen as white small bumps on the skin and they can either show up alone or in groups. The bumps themselves do not cause discomfort or pain to the individual and depending on the type of lesion they can be flat, raised or itchy.


Where are the common places of getting milia?

  • Eye area
  • Cheeks
  • Forehead
  • Nose
  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Pubic area
  • Mouth area
  • Chest


Milia’s are formed when there are dead skin cells underneath the skin that have become trapped.

The body will shed the dead cells off naturally and new ones will take their place. When the older cells refuse to remove, the new cells will grow on top causing a blockage. As a result, the skin cells begin to harden and a Milia will form.

Other causes would be being overexposed to the sun or causing trauma to the skin. Using steroid creams for a long period of time and lastly, genetics can be a factor. 


How do you remove a milia?

Please note we do not treat clients under the age of 16 for these removals.

For anyone under the age of 18 a parent/guardian consent form must be completed and a parent/guardian must be present during treatment.

ProSkin Clinic and Health UK are to remove the lesion with a successful method for accurate removal.

1.  Advanced Electrolysis – Uses a small, fine needle alongside an electrical current to heat, desiccate and cauterise the blemish.

2. Lancet Removal – Using a fine needle to make a small tear to release the build up.

The protocol used depends on the size and location of the Milia, our Advanced Clinician will explain the treatment in detail before starting to ensure that you understand and will go at your own pace.

We always ensure the lesion is removed successfully, in the quickest time, with a very minimal amount of discomfort.

Our Milia Removal treatments have a high success rate in removing the lesion the first time around. However, in some cases, Milia can be stubborn and if so multiple sessions may be needed.

Who will be performing my treatment?

Our highly skilled, fully licenced Clinicians, inspected by Gloucestershire Council.


Will I Be left with a footprint?

Following your Milia Removal you may be left with a small scab immediately after treatment. After approximately 5 days this will naturally fall away, once the scab has fallen you may be left with a tiny pink mark and is a completely natural process in the skin’s healing journey.

As the skin continues to heal from a removal it will gradually normalise to the skin’s normal colour.

As with any advanced removal treatment, we can not guarantee you will not be left with a small footprint where the lesion once stood, however, many of our clients heal without obvious sight of the Milia once was.

What is the aftercare?

  • You must not touch the treated area and must not under any circumstances remove any scab that may appear.
  • The area should be treated as a bump.
  • The treatment area can, if absolutely necessary, be washed or cleansed but soap should be avoided.
  • Do not carry out any activities that cause sweating.
  • No sunbathing, swimming, sunbeds, saunas, facial steaming, facial scrubs – complete sunblock must be worn for at least 48 hours after treatment and preferably for longer.
  • The area of treatment should be protected by a sunscreen at all times, particularly in the summer months to avoid the risk of hyperpigmentation.
  • Normally after 48 hours pin dot scabs may appear thereby sealing the skin and preventing infection. These must not be picked off. The skin should be kept dry and clean until these fall off in their own time. Picking the scabs will result in unwanted scarring. These may or may not become apparent, but they may be felt rather than seen.
  • You should avoid using any possible skin sensitizers or irritants such as perfumes, fake tan products, perfumed body lotions etc.


We recommend pre ordering our prescribed healing oil to increase the speed of the skins healing and to obtain your desired results much faster.

This oil is just £46 and contains high concentrations of active ingredients to speed up the rejeneration of normal, healthy skin cells, heal, protect and reduce lesion footprint.

To ensure your prescription is ready for your treatment please contact the clinic, alternatively you can add this to your online booking request.

Milia Removal



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