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Birthmarks, although physically harmless, can often have a significant impact on self-confidence and self-esteem.

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What are birthmarks?

A birthmark may appear on the skin at the time of birth or develop a short time afterwards. They are harmless and can appear in many different shapes and sizes.

Birthmarks are a very common skin condition that can affect almost anybody, the types of which can fall into 2 categories:

  • Vascular Birthmarks
  • Pigmentated Birthmarks

These types of lesions can appear anywhere on the body or face, they can present themselves in various colours, depending on the type and underlying cause.

The colour of a birthmark is determined by the type and concentration of pigmentation or blood vessels in the area.


Vascular birthmarks

Vascular birthmarks are the types of lesions related to blood vessels. They occur in around 40% of newborns.

Please note we do not treat clients under the age of 18 for these removals.

    Salmon Patches

    These are red to pinkish in colour and often appear around the eyes, eyelids and back of the neck. Other names for these are angel kisses and stork bites. Sometimes, these lesions fade and aren’t serious.


    With a pink to red or blue colour they are mostly found on the head and neck. Normally, these lesions can start small in a flat shape and can grow during the first months of a newborn baby. Once between 6-18 months old, they can stop growing.

    In some cases, they can become larger and slightly raised from the surface of the skin. Hemangiomas can fade away on their own when reaching the teenage years, however, there can be a footprint left with a pale colour in the shape of the lesion.

    If they are growing rapidly in the early years of the child, then seeking medical attention would be the best option. This is to ensure that it doesn’t affect the child’s breathing or sight.


    Birthmark Removal

    Port Wine Stain

    These are caused when there is an abnormal form of blood vessels underneath the skin.

    Most commonly, they appear on the face and neck but it can be possible for them to arise anywhere on the body.

    Port-wine stains normally have a pink or red colour tone, however, sometimes they can go darker to a purplish tone.

    If left untreated, the colour can be darker with a very thick texture of the skin.


    Birthmark Removal

    Pigmented birthmarks

    Pigmented Birthmarks occur when there is more than one pigment in the skin.

    Please note we do not treat clients under the age of 18 for these removals.


      Moles can vary in colour from light to dark brown. Some can be raised or flat and they can appear anywhere on the body and face.

      Depending on how deep the pigment is, some can disappear naturally, however, some can stay for a lifetime.

      It is important to get moles checked by a GP where necessary as these can be linked to other medical concerns such as skin cancer.

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      Birthmark Removal

      Cafe Au Lait Spots

      This type of lesion can have irregular shaping and vary in their size.

      The darker the natural skin tone is, the darker the lesion will be.

      They can occur anywhere on the body and appear from birth.

      Birthmark Removal


      Mongolian Spots

      Mongolian Spots appear flat with a blue/grey colour and they are not harmful.

      They can be easily mistaken for bruises and can often be seen on the lower back and glutes, usually these lesions disappear on their own within 1-2 years.

       Birthmark Removal

      what causes birthmarks?

      Birthmarks are formed when there is an overgrowth of blood vessels or pigment within the skin. This causes the area to have a change in pigment and therefore results in colour change topically on the skin.

      On very rare occasions, they can be formed when a mutated gene has formed. For example, when a child has developed a port-wine stain (as it looks like spilt wine) this could indicate an underlying medication condition called Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome or Sturge-Weber Syndrome.

      Can birthmarks be prevented?

      There is no known way to prevent birthmarks.

      Birthmarks do not normally cause discomfort to the individual, however, in some cases, the birthmark can be seen as prominent, especially with heavy pigment.

      This can increase the risk of skin cancer and therefore, if any issues arise for example, severe itchiness, swelling, bleeding, inflammation or other skin lesions develop around the area, it is important to get the lesion checked out with a healthcare advisor as soon as possible.

          How  are birthmarks removed?

          ProSkin Clinic and Health UK have the option to use two methods in order to perform a Birthmark Removal.

          1.  Advanced Electrolysis – (For vascular birthmarks) Using a small, fine needle alongside an electrical current to heat, desiccate and cauterise the lesion.

          2. Advanced Laser  – This treatment uses light therapy to target the pigment in the deeper layers of the skin and desiccate the cells, encouraging new and healthy cells to grow back in their place giving an even texture and tone to the skin.

          The protocol used depends on the size, location and colour of the lesion, our Clinician will select the most suitable technique for the removal to ensure the lesion is removed successfully, in the shortest amount of sessions, with minimal amount of discomfort.

          We would recommend 3-6 treatments every 4-6 weeks.



          Our highly skilled, fully licensed Clinicians, inspected and licensed by Gloucestershire Council.


          will i be left with a footprint?

          Following your Birthmark Removal the area can be red, swollen and sensitive. It is important to note that this treatment will cause the birthmark to look worse before it gets better.

          A scab will form over the treated area, this scab will fall away between 5-10 days post treatment.

          Once this has occurred, healthy pink skin will be visible in its place, this can take a few weeks to return to the skins natural colour. Alternatively, the initial birthmark will still be visible, but will be lighter in colour, ready for a further session to take place.

          As with any advanced removal treatment, we can not guarantee you will not be left with a small footprint where the lesion once stood, however, many of our clients heal without obvious sight the birthmark removal has taken place.



          • You must not touch the treated area and must not under any circumstances remove any scab that may appear.
          • The area should be treated as a bump.
          •  The treatment area can, if absolutely necessary, be washed or cleansed but soap should be avoided.
          • Do not carry out any activities that cause sweating for 48 hours.
          • No sunbathing, swimming, sunbeds, saunas, facial steaming, or facial scrubs – complete sunblock must be worn for at least 48 hours after treatment and preferably for longer.
          • The area of treatment should be protected by sunscreen at all times, particularly in the summer months to avoid the risk of hyperpigmentation.
          • Normally after 48 hours scabs may appear thereby sealing the skin and preventing infection. These must not be picked off. The skin should be kept dry and clean until these fall off in their own time. Picking the scabs will result in unwanted scarring. These may or may not become apparent, but they may be felt rather than seen.
          • You should avoid using any possible skin sensitizers or irritants such as perfumes, fake tan products, perfumed body lotions etc.

          We recommend pre ordering our prescribed healing oil to increase the speed of the skins healing and to obtain your desired results much faster.

          This oil is just £46 and contains high concentrations of active ingredients to speed up the rejeneration of normal, healthy skin cells, heal, protect and reduce lesion footprint.

          To ensure your prescription is ready for your treatment please contact the clinic, alternatively you can add this to your online booking request.



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