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Sebaceous Cysts are common and can show up anywhere on the body. They can be extremely uncomfortable with their location and can be unpleasant in their appearance.

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A Cyst is a slow-growing dome filled with protein that can be easily removed from underneath the skin. Cysts are often seen as a flesh coloured, yellow or white bump which can be found anywhere on the skin.

They are harmless and do not often have complications with them.

There are a variety of treatment options available for removing a cyst, however, in some cases, they can disappear on their own.


Different types of Cysts

Main types of cysts:

Epidermoid / Sebaceous Cyst

Epidermoid cysts and sebaceous cysts usually occur as a result of trauma to a hair follicle that has become inflammed.

These fast-growing, painless lesions are found most commonly on the neck, back, chest, face and stomach.

They range from pea size to those that are several centremeters and contain keratin and pus, when ruptured they can be foul smelling.

Cyst Removal

Ganglion Cyst

This type of cyst is a swollen bump on a joint or tendon.

It is usually found on the hands and feet.

The bump is small and can be painful. Sometimes, these types of cysts will go away on their own but the doctor may want to treat them.

Cyst Removal


A soft tissue cyst that can feel rubbery to the touch.

You can find these either alone or in a group and are less than 2 inches when it comes to size.

The most common areas you will find these are on the neck, stomach, chest and back.

Cyst Removal


What are the causes?

A cyst is formed as a result of a blocked gland. This is from the sebaceous gland that produces oil. The blockage can be caused by trauma such as a wound or a scab.

After the skin has suffered from acne or damage to a cell can cause be a cause for these lesions arriving.

Genetics can be a factor if there is any previous family history of Cysts.  

What are the symptoms?

  • A round bump that continuously grows.
  • The lesion can be red or swollen, however, normally, they are the same colour as the skin. If your cyst is irritated, swollen, painful and infected, seek medical advice.
  • The growth will come from underneath the skin.
  • The cyst will be soft and warm to the touch.

Types of removal

Cyst reduction and cyst removal are two distinct procedures used to address cysts in the body. Cyst reduction involves draining the fluid or contents of the cyst, often using a needle or a minimally invasive technique. This process can provide immediate relief by reducing the size, managing the appearance and alleviating discomfort. Permanent removal of the cyst can not be guaranteed, they may reappear.

Complete Cyst removal is a surgical procedure that entails complete excision of the cyst, including the cyst wall along with stitches. This method offers a more permanent solution, reducing the likelihood of the cyst reappearing. Although this technique offers complete removal, clients are often left with permanent scarring in the area of removal. This procedure can only be carried out by a certified medical professional.

The choice between reduction and removal depends on factors like the cyst’s size, location, and the client’s overall health.

How do you remove Sebaceous cysts?

Please note we do not treat clients under the age of 18 for these removals.

We use a minimally invasive technique which involves drainage. We do not use excision and stitches.

ProSkin Clinic and Health UK are able to treat cysts with one method. 

1.  Advanced Electrolysis – Using a small, fine needle alongside an electrical current to heat, desiccate and cauterise the contents of the cyst for drainage.

Our highly skilled, fully licensed Clinician, will ensure the lesion is treated successfully, in the quickest time, with a very minimal amount of discomfort.

During the treatment, the client will feel warmth and a sharp scratch. Once we have opened the cyst we are able to extract and the cyst will shrink in size. In some cases the body will naturally drain the contents of the cyst away through the body lymphatic system.

For our cyst removals at ProSkin Clinic & Health, it is compulsory that your cysts are checked by a GP before treatment. We work in collaboration with GPs and this is to ensure the cysts are healthy and all clear for removal.

Who will be performing my treatment?

Our highly skilled, fully licenced Clinicians, inspected by Gloucestershire Council.

Will I Be left with a footprint?

Following your removal, your skin may feel sore and tender to touch. There will be a scab present over the area which has been treated which will fall off within 5-10 days. Underneath will be pink healthy skin ready which will normalise in colour over the coming weeks.

With Cyst removals, multiple sessions may be needed depending on the size and area. In some cases, after the treatment, the body’s natural lymphatic system will drain the liquid out and flush it away naturally.

What is the aftercare?

– You must not touch the treated area and must not under any circumstances remove any scab that may appear.

– The area should be treated as a bump.

– The treatment area can, if absolutely necessary, be washed or cleansed but soap should be avoided.

– Do not carry out any activities that cause sweating.

– No sunbathing, swimming, sunbeds, saunas, facial steaming, facial scrubs – complete sunblock must be worn for at least 48 hours after treatment and preferably for longer.

– The area of treatment should be protected by a sunscreen at all times, particularly in the summer months to avoid the risk of hyperpigmentation.

– Normally after 48 hours pin dot scabs may appear thereby sealing the skin and preventing infection. These must not be picked off. The skin should be kept dry and clean until these fall off in their own time. Picking the scabs will result in unwanted scarring. These may or may not become apparent, but they may be felt rather than seen.

– You should avoid using any possible skin sensitizers or irritants such as perfumes, fake tan products, perfumed body lotions etc.



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