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PreOrder your Complimentary welcome drink.

Refresh and Relax at ProSkin Clinic & Health UK Ltd

Begin your skincare journey with us in style.

Pre-order your complimentary welcome drink for your next appointment and immerse yourself in a professional, comforting atmosphere the moment you step into our clinic.

It’s our way of saying thank you for choosing us for your skincare needs.

Why Pre-Order Your Welcome Drink?

  • Enjoy a personalised, welcoming experience from the moment you arrive.
  • Choose from a selection of refreshing beverages to suit your taste.
  • Relax and unwind as you prepare for your treatment.

Welcome Drink Options Include:

  • Herbal teas for a soothing start.
  • Refreshing Water for a healthy kick.
  • Warm selection of coffees to choose from.

How to Pre-Order Your Drink:

  • Just tap the link below to submit yourr request: Our friendly reception team will pick this up and freshly prepare at your arrival.
  • Customise Your Experience: Tailor your visit to your preferences for a truly bespoke experience.

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PREORDER your premium, Post Care Laser skincare KIT


Maximise Your Post-Laser Hair Removal Results – Pre-Order Your Essential Care Kit Now and save 25%! A single kit designed to last you the entire duration of your Laser treatment plan.

For the very best results. In the shortest amount of time.

Elevate your post-treatment care with our meticulously curated Laser Hair Removal Post Care Kit, available for pre-order before your next session.

Specifically designed to cater to your skin’s unique needs, our exclusive selection includes professional-grade products that nurture your skin long after you leave our clinic so you can obtain the very best results, in the shortest amount of time.

Kit Highlights:

  • Exfoliating Lotion: Prevents ingrown hairs and eliminates dead skin buildup, ensuring smooth skin.
  • Healing Oil: Promotes healing, evens out skin tone, and provides deep hydration.
  • SPF Protection: Shields your skin from harmful UV rays, protecting your newly treated areas.

Benefits of Pre-Ordering:

  • Targeted Post-Treatment Care: Use products that are specifically chosen for optimal post-laser recovery.
  • Time-Saving Convenience: Have your personalised kit ready for pickup right after your treatment.
  • Expertly Curated: Benefit from our expertise with products that maximise your results.

How to Pre-Order:

  • Pre order ready for collection: Just tap the link below to secure your Ultimate Post Laser Kit.
  • Seamless Pickup: Your tailored kit will be ready for collection at your appointment, making your skincare routine effortless.

Ensure the best possible outcome from your laser hair removal treatment by pre-ordering your personalised Post Care Kit today. 


    Unlock the secret to radiant skin.

    Book Your Complimentary Laser Facial Rejuvenation Patch Test Today!

    Discover the transformative power of our Medical Skin Rejuvenation Laser treatments with a complimentary patch test.

    Your first step towards unveiling a more radiant, youthful complexion. Whether you’re looking to address fine lines, uneven skin tone, or texture issues, our state-of-the-art laser technology offers a tailored solution to meet your skin’s unique needs.

    Why Schedule a Patch Test?

    • Personalised Experience: Gain insights into how the treatment works and what to expect.
    • Expert Consultation: Receive professional advice tailored to your skin concerns and goals.

    Your Journey to Flawless Skin Begins Here:

    • Step 1: Click the link below to secure your exclusive facial rejuvenation  patch test at your next appointment.


    Embrace the opportunity to transform your skin with the experts at ProSkin Clinic. Your path to luminous, rejuvenated skin is just an appointment away.



    Your premium, precriptive skincare Consultation

    Tailored Skincare Expertise Just for You.

    At ProSkin Clinic & Health UK Ltd, our Bespoke Skin Consultations are the first step towards your ideal skin health.

    We understand that each individual’s skin is unique, which is why we offer personalised consultations, focusing on your specific skin needs and goals.

    What We Offer:

    • In-depth analysis of your skin type, condition, and concerns.
    • Discussion of your lifestyle, diet, and current skincare regimen.
    • Expert advice on the most suitable treatments and products for your skin.
    • Custom Skin Plan formulated directly to your inbox.


    • Custom-tailored skincare, supplementation and treatment recommendations.
    • Insight into the root causes of any skin issues.
    • A roadmap to achieving healthier, more radiant skin.

    Consultation Process:

    Our experienced skincare professionals will conduct a thorough assessment. This process allows us to create a customised skincare plan that targets your concerns effectively.

    Perfect for: Anyone seeking expert guidance for their skin concerns or looking to enhance their current skincare routine.

    Upgrade today to discover the true potential of your skin with a Bespoke Skin Consultation at ProSkin Clinic.

    Price : £45