You’ll never pay full price again with our client reward programme.


Start earning your ProPoints at the touch of a button on products and treatments paid for online and in clinic!

Its simple, the more you spend, the more you save. For every £20 spent with us at ProSkin we will refund 5% in to your very own ProPoints account for you to redeem on future treatments in clinic, meaning you will never pay full price on treatments in clinic ever again!


The three step process to ProPoints –

1) Purchase

2) Collect

3) Spend


How do I join ProPoints?

As soon as you purchase anything in Clinic or Online you will automatically be enrolled in to our ProPoints programme.

How do I earn ProPoints?

You can earn points through products and services booked online or in clinic. Excluding cosmetic injectables and Laser Membership programmes.

Do my ProPoints expire?

Yes, your cashback ProPoints expire after 6 months.

Can I exchange my ProPoints into cash?

ProPoints are non transferrable into cash but can be used as payment in clinic.

WHAT Can I SPEND my ProPoints ON?


Can I use my ProPoints against gift vouchers?

Unfortunatley not, ProPoints cannot be redeemed into a gift card for the use of somebody else. Your ProPoints can only be redeemed by yourself for your own treatment or products.

Do I earn ProPoints at the same time as using them against a purchase?

Yes, whilst redeeming you will also earn ProPoints on the monetary value you contribute to the purchase.

Are there limitations on the number of transactions I use to accrue and use ProPoints?

You will only be able to spend ProPoints in full or partially in one single transaction each day. You are not able to spend and redeem more than once in one day.

How can I see how many ProPoints I have?

Log in to your account online, alternatively you can email us at and we will be happy to send the value over to you.

How can I redeem ProPoints?

To redeem ProPoints, just ask at the reception desk to use your propoints towards the cost of your treatment when making payment.

Are there any services excluded from ProPoints?

The current services excluded from ProPoints are Cosmetic Injectables and our Laser Memberships.

I have had a refund will I still keep my ProPoints?

Your ProPoints will be deducted to reflect the refund we have provided you.

When will my ProPoints balance be updated online after I purchase?

ProPoints are updated online within 48 hours of purchase.

Can I use ProPoints in conjunctions with promotions?

ProPoints are NOT redeemable AGAINST services that are on promotion.

Can I refer a friend for ProPoints?

Yes, for every friend recommended we will allocate £10 worth of ProPoints to your account to spend in clinic or online.

What are my ProPoints worth?

You will receive 5% back in ProPoints on every £20 purchase. For example, if you spend £100 in ProSkin you will receive 500 ProPoints. 500 ProPoints is worth £5

are there any other ways I can earn ProPoints?

YES! We’re so glad you asked! There are a number of other ways you can earn extra ProPoints. – Just email us a print screen to when you have done the below for us to change your ProPoints balance!

  • Earn 500 points when you leave us a google review.
  • Earn 1000 points when you refer a friend to us and they have a treatment in store
  • Earn 250 Points when you join our mailing list (Only redeemable once)
  • Earn 50 points when you like us on Facebook (Only redeemable once)
  • Earn 50 points when you follow us on Instagram (Only redeemable once)
  • Earn 100 points when you share us to your Instagram story (Only redeemable once)
  • Earn 300 points when you purchase our product of the month! Look out for our monthly email in your mailbox!
  • Earn 500 just for being you! Every year we will add 500 points on your birthday to your ProPoints balance